DNG CODEC User's Guide

Table of Contents

System Requirements


  1. Download and run the installation file from the download page at
  2. Follow the prompts in the install.
  3. Reboot your system so that the system will reload the list of codecs.
Once the installation is complete, you should have a DNG Codec program group which contains the DNG Preferences application.


The DNG CODEC allows you to preview, view metadata, search for DNG files by metadata, and easily organize DNG images in Windows Explorer with thumbnails for DNG files. The CODEC uses the rotation information from the file to generate images with the correct orientation.

You can preview DNG files by choosing the Preview menu in Explorer, or by opening the files in Windows Photo Gallery.

The DNG CODEC provides metadata, such as the Date Taken and the Camera Model, to the system so that the information can be viewed and searched. EXIF, XMP, and IPTC metadata are fully provided to the system.


The codec is fully functional during the 15 day trial period. After the trial period expires, you can buy a license at http://www.ardfry.com/dng-codec/buy. When you purchase the codec, you get a registration code on the receipt and in the order confirmation email. The registration code is entered into the DNG Preferences application.


The DNG CODEC works immediately upon installation, and there are a few settings that support different workflows. You may want to change the default settings to better match the role DNG files play in your RAW work flow. To configure the DNG CODEC, open the DNG Preferences application.

Prefrences Application for DNG CODEC


Check the Generate preview if not found in DNG file check box if you wish the codec to generate a preview if one is not available in the file or to generate a different size preview than what is in your DNG files.

Many Cameras that shoot DNG natively do not generate previews in the files that are created on the camera. Some Cameras that Shoot DNG:

The DNG Converter from Adobe can generate full-size previews and compress the DNG files. If you generate full-size previews at the time of conversion, then the codec will be able to provide large previews almost instantaneously. Whether you use the DNG Converter, Adobe Photoshop, or FlexColor to create DNG files, you should consider adding the full size previews to save time when reviewing the files at larger sizes.

Minimum Size

Set the Minimum size to a value to use as the largest dimension for previews. If a preview at least this size is not found in the file, then the codec will generate a larger preview based on the size you indicate.


You can set the quality of the generated previews. It takes longer to generate previews of higher quality. Normal quality previews can be generated in a shorter amount of time.


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