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PNGOUTWin Reviews

"PNGOUTWin can help you save bandwidth and make your website load faster and that's why it's extremely useful for people like me."

"[T]he best optimization tool I've found is PNGOUTWin -- which nearly always produces smaller PNG files than applications which use the standard PNG compression algorithm. With the default settings, it's very easy to use."

Kerry Watson, "Intro," Signs of our Times.

"PNGOUTWin is a Windows application that offers a nice GUI interface along with batch processing capabilities.

This is pretty handy at the end of a project to just drag all the PNGs from a folder into the app, get them shrunk, and then upload to the live server. I tried it quickly on my corporate page and noticed that it managed to compress my files anywhere from 5% to 15%."

Jonathan Snook, "Handy Image Utility: PNGOUT," tips, tricks, and bookmarks on web development.

"Si como a mi, te alegró la eficacia de PNGOUT, o del plugin PNGOUT para Irfanview, a la hora de optimizar imágenes PNG, PNGOUTWin te sorprenderá."

Bitácora de Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro

"If you're like me and you want to make every byte count, then PNGOUTWin is really worth it."

Jordon Kalilich, "In with PNGOUTWin," The World of Stuff.