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System Requirements
Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
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View Adobe Photoshop Document (PSD and PSB) files in Windows

PSD codec for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8

The PSD (Adobe Photoshop Document) Codec is a plug-in for Windows Explorer, Windows Photo Viewer, and Windows Media Center.

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Cropped psd in Photo Gallery

View PSD files

View PSD files in Windows Photo Viewer, Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Live Photo Gallery. You can view PSD files in Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Center. Now you can also view your Adobe PhotoDeluxe PDD files as well.

cropped PSD thumbnail in Windows Explorer

Find files instantly with Explorer Thumbnails

See thumbnails for PSD files in standard file open dialog boxes. View PSD and PDD files throughout Windows, including PSD files exported from other third party applications such as Lightwave3D and Modo.

You can see thumbnails for
  • Adobe Photoshop PSD PSB and Adobe PhotoDeluxe PDD files
  • EPS files with embedded screen representations and thumbnail medadata
  • most Adobe Illustrator AI files
  • InDesign INDD files from CS2 and later that were saved with preview images
  • (New!) PDF files that were saved with XMP thumbnails. Even broader support for PDF thumbnails is provided when Adobe Reader is installed.
cropped metadata in Windows Explorer details pane

View metadata

View XMP, IPTC, and EXIF metadata from PSD and PSB files. Search the file system based on metadata using Windows Desktop Search.


Build History

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1.6.1, 13 June 2015
  • Installer update for Windows 10 support
1.6.1, 23 January 2013
  • Fix: issue with generating thumbnails for INDD files on Windows 8.
1.6.0, 3 January 2013
  • Improved support for 16 bit RGB files.
1.5.1, 28 November 2012
  • Improved support for PDF 1.4
  • Fix: issue with generating thumbnails for linearized PDF files that have been incrementally updated
  • Fix: issue with generating thumbnails for some INDD files
  • Fix: crash with INDD files that don't include thumbnails.
1.4.3, 15 September 2012
  • EPS thumbnails for XP and legacy API users
1.4.2, 1 September 2012
  • Fix: Issue with generating thumbnails for some AI and EPS files.
1.4.1, 14 May 2012
  • Remove black border on INDD thumbnails.
1.4.0, 17 December 2011; Released 19 December 2011
  • AI and INDD thumbnails for XP and for legacy API users (e.g., Total Commander)
1.3.4, 8 December 2011; Released 9 December 2011
  • Fix: compatibility issue with XP
1.3.2, 23 September 2011
  • Fix for conflict with Acrobat on 32 bit systems/subsystem
1.3.1, 2 August 2011
  • Fix for stability issue with zero byte AI files
1.3.0, 11 July 2011; Released 16 July 2011
  • Explorer thumbnails for PDF files on 64 bit Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
1.2.1, 21 June 2011; Released 23 June 2011
  • Fix: issue with generating thumbnails for .AI files modified by Extensis Suitcase
1.2.0, 15 May 2011; Released 17 May 2011
  • Add support for Adobe Photoshop Large Document Format (PSB) files
1.1.4, 15 April 2011
  • Improved support for volume license deployment.
1.1.3 update 2/28/2011, Released 1 March 2011
  • Windows 7 thumbnails for InDesign INDD files saved with embedded preview images for InDesign CS2 and later.
1.1.2 update 12/28/2010, Released 30 December 2010
  • Windows 7 thumbnails for AI files from Adobe Illustrator 8 and earlier.
1.1.0 update 10/24/2010, Released 30 October 2010
  • Windows 7 thumbnails for AI files from Adobe Illustrator 9 and later.
  • Fix for issue generating thumbnails for some older version PSD files. update, 1 September 2010
  • Use Photoshop's PSD icon as thumbnail overlay when Photoshop is installed., 10 August 2010
  • Generate thumbnails for most common EPS files on Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • Stability and performance improvements, 5 March 2010
  • Adobe PhotoDeluxe PDD file support, 3 February 2010
  • Fix: issue generating thumbnails for PSDs from Corel Painter 11
  • Fix: crash loading large images under low memory conditions, 8 January 2010
  • Fix: memory leak Initial Release, 17 Nov 2009
  • Fix: issue generating thumbnails for 16 bpc images
  • Register PSD mime type for codec, Beta 2, 9 October 2009
  • Support for 8 bpc CMYK files
  • Support legacy thumbnail interfaces on Vista and later (confirmed with Total Commander)
  • Improved integration with Windows Desktop Search
  • Fix: issue with user selection mask layers
Beta 1, 9 September 2009
  • Support for 8 bpc RLE compressed Grayscale
  • Expose ICC profile
Beta 0, 24 August 2009 (Private Beta)
  • Explorer thumbnails for files with maximize compatibility set.
  • Full preview and Explorer thumbnails for 8 bit per channel RGB and Indexed color mode images that contain the flattened image.
  • View XMP, IPTC, and EXIF metadata