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PNGOUTWin - Best in class image compression

Image compression cases studies

PNGOUTWin can usually find the highest level of image compression of any png image. PNG optimization can yield significant savings of bandwidth costs and improve the responsiveness of your website. Many webmasters use GIF for their logo. For this test, the logo¹ for the Google Search Engine™ is optimized to show that PNGOUTWin is the leading png image optimizer in image compression software.

The file used for the test is an 8.35 KB (8,558 bytes) GIF with stylized text and many colors. The following table shows how the competition stacked up in creating a compressed image without any loss of image quality.

Google Search Engine™ Logo - 8558 Bytes
Software TitleCompressed Image Size (Bytes)% of Original
PNGOUTWin³ 7579 89%
Advpng -4 7819 91%
Pngrewrite 7929 93%
Web Image Guru 7988 93%
Optipng -o7 8030 94%
Photoshop Elements 4 8039 94%
Pngcrush -brute 8072 94%

These results are typical of similar tests, and the amount of compression from file to file will vary.

Try out PNGOUTWin to see how it can decrease the image load times for your site. Even if your page rank isn't 10 and your logo hasn't been turned into a verb that is used on trendy sitcoms, you can use PNGOUTWin to shrink logos, screen shots, and reduce help file sizes--anywhere that you could use a static GIF image a smaller PNG can be used without any loss of image quality.
Download a free trial of the leading PNG Image Compression Software.

Notes on tests:

  1. Use of the Google Search Engine logo in this case study does not imply the use of or knowledge of the use of PNGOUTWin by Google, nor does it imply that Google in any way endorses the use of PNGOUTWin.
  2. SuperPNG and Print Shop Pro were also part of the test pool, but SuperPNG never successfully ran without crashing, and Paint Shop Pro would not install on our test machine.
  3. PNGOUTWin was run using in advanced mode with multiple trials. Even with the default settings, the resulting file size was 7713 bytes, enough to still win in the competition. The advanced mode is analogous to the -brute option of Pngcrush.
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