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PNGOUTWin - Best in class image compression

Image compression cases studies (continued)

On the previous page, I compressed a GIF image a significant amount using PNGOUTWin. In the following two test cases, I compressed two PNG images to show that PNGOUTWin can improve on the image compression in most PNG files.

Hydrogen Audio PNG Logo ( - 3074 Bytes
Software TitleCompressed Image Size (Bytes)% of Original
PNGOUTWin 2980 96%
Advpng -4 3074 100%
Pngrewrite 3355 100%
Web Image Guru 3240 100%
Optipng -o7 3074 100%
Photoshop Elements 4 3917 100%
Pngcrush -brute 3074 100%


Burn All GIFs PNG Logo ( - 19726 Bytes
Software TitleCompressed Image Size (Bytes)% of Original
PNGOUTWin 18715 95%
Advpng -4 19726 100%
Pngrewrite PNG24 not supported N/A
Web Image Guru 19726 100%
Optipng -o7 19640 100%
Photoshop Elements 4 19897 100%
Pngcrush -brute 19640 100%

These results are typical of similar tests, and the amount of compression from file to file will vary.

Try out PNGOUTWin to see how it can decrease the image load times for your site. You can use PNGOUTWin to shrink logos, screen shots, and reduce help file sizes--anywhere that you could use a static GIF image a smaller PNG can be used without any loss of image quality.
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